A solemn pledge to public safety

We are a family owned and operated company located in the vicinity of Portland Oregon.  The business initially consisted of a machine shop and sheet metal production facility.

In 1973, Norman Fandrei, the current owner and President designed and produced the first surveillance periscope system for use in the Law Enforcement Community.  This periscope was labeled The LANOR Scope* and was of basic design and manually operated.  This periscope provided the ability to use the human eye, 35mm SLR Camera or Video Camera to collect video evidence from a mobile platform.  Subsequent to limited production, the owner was awarded the first Patent for this type of device.
*An acronym for the company owner and partner

With the technological advancement in video cameras and an ever increasing acceptance of the Surveillance Van (aka) Mobile Surveillance Platform, the next step of development of a powered periscope was taken.  The results produced the first 'VIDEO SCOPE'.  This new product was designed and produced by All Star Machine.  This periscope was powered by the use of a 12VDC source and coul be operated with the use of a module that contained a video monitor and associated function control switches.  The manual objective lens was operated (rotated) by using drive motors coupled with rubber belts.

The popular acceptance of the 'VIDEO SCOPE' was in its second year of production when it transitioned into the current brand name INTELLISCOPE with a major design advancement.  One of the cornerstones of All Star Machine's philosophy is to be proactive in the approach to advancing design considerations and maintaining superior quality of all products. The results of the new design gave fruition to the first in the series of Retractable Intelliscopes.  The Second Generation scopes was designated, R/2.  The ability to raise and retract the view port has greatly increased the operational flexibility of the system.

Subsequently, additional design modifications such as reducing the physical size of the scopes, using powered zoom lenses and advanced engineering of mechanical and electrical components has progressed through the current 5th Generation analog Model R/5AS with slip ring technology.

The INTELLISCOPE Product Line has now advanced to its 6th Generation level with the introduction of two advanced digital IP remote controlled Models, R/5-IPAC Compatible Intelliscope and the IP Compact INTELLISCOPE.


The Intelliscope Division has been providing surveillance periscopes to the Law Enforcement Community in excess of 40 years.  Our priorities have been to provide the optimum in reliable systems for use in mobile surveillance platforms.  Our track record stands alone and is unparalleled in engineering design and production of superior quality products.  We manufacture over 95% of the Intelliscope exluding electronic components and are not dependent on common subcontractors.  We provide prompt and complete technical service on all of our products.